Art Therapy OC


Art is Therapy! Art is Expression! Art is Fun!

A art studio like no other! Where creative meaningful art & happy colorful memories are made through expressive, fun, mindful, therapeutic, beneficial art.  
Art is Therapy! Art is Expression! Art is Fun!

“Some pursue happiness, others create it.”-Emerson. 

  • You will LOVE it! 
  • Sign up for our fun, mindful, unique, therapeutic & beneficial Creative Art Wellness Workshops, Book Individual/Family sessions, a personalized pARTy, Special Groups, Private Events & More!
  • Our awesome studio is like no other! It’s so Cool, Spacious, Comfortable, Colorful, Inspirational, Enchanting, & Awesome! With beautiful hand painted & decorative vibrant happy murals by Diana “MissDee” (with special touches from our sweet visitors) & our cool creative community collage all covering the walls with love.
  • We guide you in exploring the unique power of art & creative expression.
  •  Our sessions & various & frequent workshops can be beneficial for expressing feelings & healing , as well as emotional well-being through creative expression. 
  • We will tailor the Art experience especially for YOU! 
  • Have a awesome personalized creative pARTY, special Group or Event with us & our Creative Art Wellness Workshops are a great way to interact with others or with friends, family or a playdate!
  • Art is FUN & everyone is a creative artist! 
  • Join us for Art time, anytime, at our colorful, cheerful & inspiring art studio (see Photos for awesome art action & artwork made at our studio) where creative memories are made! 
  • We provide you with a variety of art mediums/tools, techniques & inspirational guidance.
  • We have extensive experience, positive energy & a real passion for introducing & guiding you through the enjoyable world of art, & its unlimited positive benefits 
  • We often Feature various artist's & organizations, at our workshop events, who are also doing Great things in the community, for Better Living (see our Creative Wellness Art Workshops).
  • You will discover, at Art Therapy OC, that art-making can address the following areas in life & so much more: Creativity, imagination, inspiration, healing, self-care, Self exploration, peer & family relations with bonding/team-building,self-regulation,  a coping mechanism/skill aiding in emotional regulation & management, a tool for expression, skill-development, self-confidence/self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment,  socialization, communication, developmental skills, creative spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, peace, relaxation & so much more! 
  • We partner & collaborate with many local therapists, centers & organizations 
  •  The  possibilities are Endless at Art Therapy OC!                 
  • There’s something for everyone! Art is for Everyone!
  • We help you explore the world of art & find Positive ways to Express yourself creatively using art as a tool/outlet/coping mechanism for healthy expression which can be utilized in your every day life. A holistic alternative to talk therapy (we do not provide psychotherapy).
  • Diana & MrSnickers look forward to seeing you soon at our cheerful location in the heart of Newport Beach, CA. 
  • See further information below including photos of our recent & numerous new & magazine publications within & by our beloved OC community... 
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  • Open daily. Advanced scheduling required.
  • See our Creative Wellness Art Workshops below...
  • Our Gift Cards make cool creative gifts!


About Diana

  • Diana Shabtai “Miss.Dee” created Art Therapy OC in 2012, as a special FUN, cheerful, encouraging, & inspirational place for you to explore the enjoyable world of Art, it's endless creative possibilities, & unlimited therapeutic benefits for healthy better-living! 
  • Education: BA in Business Communications, Chapman University, Orange , CA. MA Degree in Clinical Art Therapy, Long Island University, NY.  Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA. MA Degree & Doctorate Degree (PsyD) in MFT (Marriage & Family Therapy) California School of Professional Psychology, Irvine, CA. 
  • Board Certified Art Therapist
  • Strong lifetime passion for  therapeutic Arts, along with, positive energy, encouragement  & a true desire for helping individuals explore & create beneficial art of their very own.
  • A passionate advocate for bringing awareness to the therapeutic benefits of the Arts! 
  • An eclectic artist, with frequent OC community gallery showings
  • Creating art daily since her toddler years.
  •  Extensive experience & knowledge in Art Therapy, Psychology & Business for over 17 years in working with all ages, families, groups, & within various populations & settings.
  • Amazing & experienced at running large groups, events, workshops, pARTies of all ages!
  •  Newport Beach, OC native since 1986 & loves her hometown dearly.
  • Believes in living a healthy lifestyle, which includes being in nature often & creating art daily.
  • Her personality is friendly, fun, energetic, kind, positive, thoughtful, patient & caring.
  • Youth, & adults alike, bring her SO much joy & they really seem to enjoy being around & creating art at her awesome studio! 
  • She LOVES color! 
  • Frequent volunteer art instructor for various populations & organizations in OC such as various Clinics, Hospitals (their patients & families), Home School organizations, Girl Scouts , Wellness centers, Alzheimers/Dementia groups & More. 
  • Mentor to Youth
  • Enjoys doing Art as Therapy with large Groups, such as Youth (of all ages), Alzheimer/Dementia population,  rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, Schools, Hospitals & Health Wellness Clinics, Corporate Wellness,  &much more.
  • She Loves helping others, supporting, bringing together, & giving back to the Community!
  • Enjoys guiding & encouraging individuals to create their own beneficial therapeutic Fun art!
  •  Diana & her sweet, adorable, loving art dog, Mr.Snickers look forward to creating fun therapeutic art with you & yours soon!


Art Sessions, Workshops, pARTy, Private Group/Events, Gift Cards

Art Sessions, Workshops, pARTy, Private Group/Events, Gift Cards

  • Sign up for Creative Wellness Art Workshops & Book Art Time, Anytime (sessions, special groups, private events & more) where we'll tailor the Art experience especially for YOU!
  • Gift Cards Available
  • Our Awesome, unique, & frequent therapeutic Workshops have something for everyone, & we often collaborate with local artists in the community, for better living.
  • Materials &Light Refreshments included in sessions & workshops.
  • $35/pp-Individual private hour session.
  • $45 Pp/Individual Private 90min Session
  • $35/pp/90 min-Workshops, pARTy, Group sessions, Events
  • Inquire  about scheduling  your session, special private event, & more.
  • We partner with and provide services for a large variety of facilities/organizations in OC. 
  • Some Art Activities (for all ages) Include:::

 (See photos below & on our social media pages for examples)

  • Creative personalized pARTy
  • Home School
  • Family Fun Art time
  • Corporate Wellness & other groups
  • Girls Day/Ladies Night
  • Art Journals
  • Art & Yoga
  • Art of Food
  • Gift/Card Making
  • Meditative Art (Mosaic/Mandala/Journal)
  • Art through Music & Interactive Art.
  • Guided Imagery
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Painting (Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor), Drawing, Coloring, pencil, pastel, chalk, etc.
  • Mixed Media
  • Pottery/Clay/Ceramics
  • Play with Art
  • Nature/Garden Art
  • Jewelry Making
  • Exploring, Expressing,  Learning...where the creative Possibilities are endless at Art Therapy OC!

Contact & Information

We'd Love to hear from you!

Contact us to Schedule Art Time, Anytime!  

Instagram & FB @arttherapyoc

Thank you kindly for scheduling Art Sessions (indv/group/family), Creative Wellness Art Workshops, personalized pARTy, special Groups/Events & More! Gift Cards Available. Cancellations of at least 72 hrs in advance for full refund or credit. A non-refundable 40% dwnpmnt required to book/hold a date for a pARTy, Groups/Events (up to 25 people). Workshops with less than 2 are subject to cancellation. Open Daily by appointment/registration online.

Art Therapy OC

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